Dear Dr. Werner and staff,

Words cannot express my thankfulness to all of you. Last summer Annabelle suffered a bulging disk in her spine and was complicated by arthritis throughout her joints and spine. This left Annabelle unable to use her back legs. To say the very least we were devastated and feared the worst. Thankfully Dr. Werner was informed and patient and took the best care of Annabelle as if she were her very own. Annabelle was put on several different medications until we found the right balance for her. Annabelle started walking again. Slow but on her own. In December we decided to try laser therapy. What a difference!! Annabelle is now running short distances and climbing steps. You can tell on her walks she wants to go further and can without stopping. It has truly changed her quality of life and is noticed by all who know her. She is back to playing catch and seems comfortable. I would fully recommend this treatment to anyone and to trust Dr. Werner and her staff to have your pets best interest 100%. They are truly kind, helpful, and as always “COMPASSIONATE”.

Lisa S.
Pittsburgh, PA